Prague - A group of 9 Chinese stroke experts organized by CSA attended the European Stroke Organisation Conference 2017 which was held in Prague, Czech Republic on 16-18 May, 2017.

During ESOC 2017, European Stroke Organisation (ESO) hold the Session-“Geographic Difference in Stroke Care” with Chinese Stroke Association (CSA) on 17 May. Five speakers from China, UK and France respectively introduced national stroke research network in their own country, similarities and differences in China and Europe of intracranial artery stenosis (ICAS), and stroke pharmacogenomics among different population. 


Professor Joanna Wardlaw, Presidential Award winner of ESOC 2017, from UK and Prof. Liping Liu convened the Joint Session.



Prof. Yun Xu presented the lecture - introduction to the stroke research network in China-CNSR.


 UK Speaker B. Bray presented the lecture – Stroke Audit and Research Networks in the UK. 


Prof. Yi Lin presented the lecture – Use of Genetic Information to Individualize Stroke Management.



Chinese Speaker Thomas W. Leung from Hong Kong S. A. R. presented the lecture – Approaches to Treatment of ICAS in China.



French Speaker P. Amarenco presented the lecture –“ ICAS in Europe, Does it Really Differ From China?”.   


During annual ESOC since 2016, ESO and CSA conducts Joint Session of ESO-CSA stroke care connectivity platform to enhance synergies between China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative and European Union (EU)’s connectivity initiatives such as theTrans-European stroke research network policy. The Platform will promote discussing and disseminating the latest standards and news on stroke management and care.

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