HustonTX – “Sino-American Patient Management Salon” of “China Stroke Center Alliance County Hospital Training Camp”, which is a CSA’s stroke quality improvement project, was held successfully in the evening of Feb 24 during the ISC 2017. Professor David Wang, the director of Illinois Neurological Institute Comprehensive Stroke Center at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria with his team members and Prof. Qiang Dong and Prof. Anding Xu, the vice presidents of CSA with 11 Chinese doctors from provincial hospitals were present. The discussion was focused on how to provide the highest level of stroke care and the right treatment in a time-sensitive window. They realized the difference in stroke treatment between two countries as well as the deficiency in Chinese low-level hospitals on providing the same urgent and quality of care by collaborating with a larger hospital. After over two hour’s discussion, all the participants benefited greatly from sharing of experiences and opinions. 

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