Red Bracelet Volunteers Service Corps





Despite the challenges and the amount of work the Chinese people are facing in providing better stroke care, the Chinese people have developed a comprehensive plan to address this leading cause of death and improve stroke care. 

CSA established Red Bracelet Volunteers Corps providing education and support for stroke survivors, families and healthcare professional involved in stroke treatment, management and rehabilitation.

This Corps has 1100 facility members and 29700 individual members throughout China by the end of September 2017, engaging in wider ranging activities such as awareness campaigning, prevention screening, lobbying for better services, providing services and support in the community. 

In March 2016,CSA received the World Stroke Day 2015 Award with the interesting use of FAST in Chinese, along with the positive messages of “Happy Life” to engage younger audiences and good collaborations with other organizations helping the message to reach 123 Chinese cities. 

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