Stroke burden in China has increased over the past 30 years, and remains particularly high in rural areas. A Chinese rural hospital commonly has no a designated stroke team and very few involves in quality improvement programs. 

To improve the ability to prevent and combat stroke in both urban and rural areas, China Stroke Center Alliance (CSCA) is initiated and convened by CSA. Any Chinese institutions which had their own stroke unit or stroke center can joined apply to become a CSCA member free of charge. 

CSCA dedicates to setting direction, advancing knowledge, and communicating best practices to member hospitals. Every member has to fills in detailed information about patients presented to hospitals with different type of cerebrovascular events on the CSCA Database Platform, which is visible in the public section of the website. All the data submission will be evaluated by approved auditors and Stroke Center Committee. 

Once a member hospital meets the standard requirements, it will receive certain level of stroke certification. We’ve already have nearly 2000 member hospitals, 1274 primary stroke center and 157 comprehensive stroke center which have joined the alliance as of September 2017. 

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