Chinese Stroke Association——Together to A Heathier Life




At the same time as the world recognizes the rapid economic development in China, Chinese healthcare system has also had significant improvement. However, this nation of 1.4 billion faces tough challenges in treating stroke, the leading cause of death, which means China bears the biggest stroke burden in the world. 

In this setting, the decision to produce the first “China’s national level association of cerebrovascular disease” was weighed long and hard by many people. Established in January 2015, Chinese Stroke Association (CSA) filled the gap and met the responsibility. CSA includes more than 13,000 individual members, 104 council members, 218 youth council members and 20 subsidiary societies. Our major objective is to improve stroke care in China by providing medical education to healthcare professionals and the lay public, implementing the state science, technology and health policy. Because we want to see every CSA member excel, we've worked hard to ensure that our full lineup of educational offerings remains as accessible as possible.
CSA remains focused and targeted on the development of global initiatives in fighting against stroke, expecting more collaboration and interaction to see how CSA can be involved in the process. "One Belt, One Road" is a development strategy started by Chinese government in 2013. CSA have decided to explore mutual cooperation opportunities in every country along the road that is seeking to develop stroke prevention and treatment. We will further integrate itself into the world and bring a new future to stroke survivors.

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